Maple 'Aurora' Band Saw Box
Birdseye Maple 'Pisces' Band Saw Box
Do not store your wood item in direct sunlight or in a high humidity
environment (e.g., a steamy bathroom).  Wood tends to discolor,
warp or crack when subjected to extreme sunlight or humidity
changes.  Note that some woods, such as cherry, will naturally
darken over time.

Dusting & Cleaning
Occasional dusting with a clean, dry (or very lightly dampened) soft
cloth will help to maintain the lustre of the original finish.  I do not
suggest using commercial dusting sprays (e.g., Pledge, Endust).

The hand-waxed surface should last for a year or more, depending
on usage and environment.  If the finish begins to dull, a new coat of
paste wax can be applied following the instructions on the can.  I
use Minwax paste wax, available at hardware stores such as Home

To rejuvenate the finish, which should not be needed for several
years if ever, the paste wax can be removed per directions on the
can.  One to three new coats of Danish Oil can be applied, allowing
24 hours of drying time between coats.  A new coat of paste wax can
then be applied 7 days after the last coat of oil.
Cedar 'Leaf' Band Saw Box
Cherry 'Tides' Band Saw Box
Last Update: December 20, 2004

Ambrosia Maple Band Saw Box
Product Care
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