Why My Interest in Woodworking?
I began sewing at a young age, influenced by my mother who was an
expert seamstress.  Always interested in the creative process of how
things go together, I studied Mechanical Engineering at the Universities
of Missouri and Michigan. As it turns out, many of the same skills I
learned from sewing and engineering apply directly to woodworking.

In 1993, my husband and I bought a circa 1897 home located in a
historic area of Denver, Colorado.  Needless to say, "this old house"
has allowed me to develop many new skills.  My first serious
woodworking tool was a compound miter saw, needed for a crown
molding and baseboard project.  

My interest in woodworking took off from there, stimulated by a local
newspaper article about a woman who had started the Colorado
Women's Woodworking Guild.  I signed up for an adult education
course to learn the basics of woodworking and to have access to a
fully-equipped shop.  Later, I enrolled in Furniture Building and
Finishing classes at a local Community College

Over the last few years I have assembled a
workshop in our basement,
complete with dust collection and just about every kind of saw and tool
you can imagine.  Yes, I'm hooked on this hobby and at the
encouragement of family and friends, I have decided to share my
creations with you!

Please enjoy browsing my web site, including the
Guild Gallery which
features work from Colorado Woodworkers Guild members.  You can
also view some of
my other projects in the Guild Gallery.

Maple 'Aurora' Band Saw Box
Custom Stackable Wine Racks
Last Update: December 8, 2004

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Birdseye Maple 'Pisces' Band Saw Box
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