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Maple & Walnut Custom Table
Custom Stackable Wine Racks
'Mom's Desk' w/Drawer Opened
Last Update: January 2, 2005

Custom Designs
Dumpster Treasure - New Maple Top
What is a “Custom Design”?
The items posted in this website’s Gallery that are “build-to-order” are not
considered custom designs.  Custom designs are those where you, the
client, specify your requirements.  I will work with you on the feasibility, the
design and pricing.  This is typically an iterative process to ensure that I
have the information and capabilities to meet your expectations, and that
we are aligned on pricing and delivery schedules.

Are there any limitations?
Yes, there are limitations to custom requests based on my shop space,
tools and skills.  My shop is small and I generally produce boxes and
smaller furniture.  I am not equipped to handle large items such as
kitchen cabinets, entertainment centers or dining room tables.  If I do not
have the necessary space, tools or skills to satisfy your custom request, I
will let you know.

How do I start a request?
To initiate a custom request, please email me with the following

I will follow up with you within 3 business days to acknowledge receipt of
your request and to gather any additional information needed before I
proceed with a preliminary design and price estimate.  From this stage,
we may have a couple of iterations before finalizing the design.

How quickly can a custom design be delivered?
Depending on the design, availability of materials and current order
volumes, my ability to deliver custom items may range from 4 weeks to
several months.  I will provide you with periodic progress updates on your
order via email.

How will the final price be determined?
Based on the complexity of the final design, the materials and estimated
labor, a price and expected delivery date will be presented to you for your
consideration.  If you accept the proposal, a deposit of 50% is required
before work will begin.  The balance will be due before delivery of the
order.  Pricing will include standard shipping within the Continental U.S.  
Additional charges will apply for expedited shipping.
Birdseye Maple 'Pisces' Band Saw Box
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