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Custom Stackable Wine Racks
Maple & Walnut Custom Table
Maple 'Aurora' Band Saw Box
Last Update: Januray 18, 2006

Birdseye Maple 'Pisces' Band Saw Box
About the "Gal" Behind WoodGal Studios

How long have I been woodworking?
After tinkering with home projects for nearly a dozen years, I've been
building small furniture and wooden boxes for the past 4 years and
completed several college classes to broaden my skills.  Now there is
a cozy workshop in my basement with all the tools a gal could ever

How do I select my designs?
I have experience in creating my own custom designs, in recreating
treasured family heirlooms and in building from existing plans.  Other
woodworkers are a true inspiration to me, however, I do not replicate
other artists' designs in items that I sell.

What woods, joinery and finishes do I use?
Fit, form and function...all are important considerations when making
these decisions for a project.  I  select wood species and grain patterns
that I believe will compliment the design while also being appropriate
for the location, environment and function of the item.  Similarly,  each
joint type (e.g.,mortise & tenon, dovetail, miter) is chosen and crafted
with care, giving thought to both aesthetic appeal and mechanical
integrity.  I typically use several hand-rubbed coats of Danish Oil with a
top coat of buffed paste wax to enhance the natural grain and lustre of
the wood.  For furniture projects, I may also use a protective top coat
such as polyurethane.

Where can you see my creations?
I occasionally show my items at events sponsored by the Colorado
Woodworkers Guild and at local gallery shows.  For showing
information, please
click here.

Why My Interest in Woodworking?
Click here to read more about how I became interested in
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