Maple 'Aurora' Band Saw Box
Birdseye Maple 'Pisces' Band Saw Box
"My jewelry box is gorgeous --- and now it's filled with jewels!  I
can't think of a more special gift than what you did and made.  
Really, it means so much.  I'll cherish it always."  KW

"I love my present
so much and am so flattered that you put so
much time and effort into the box --- What a great artist you are!!  
Thanks again."  CM

"Leslie's band saw boxes were an inspiration to me...simply
awesome!".   RR, Colorado Woodworkers Guild Newsletter

"Love my jewelery box. Your design and craftsmanship are
wonderful."  SC

"The 'Tides' cache box you crafted is one of the most beautiful
gifts I've received. You so perfectly capture the movement of
water within a functional design. I'm reminded to treasure my
friendship with the thoughtful giver every time I see your
handiwork."  MJB

"Great work!  I love my 'Wedding Chest'...and love that I actually
saw you when you were drawing out the design.  Thanks so
much!"  AB
Cedar 'Leaf' Band Saw Box
'Wedding Chest', Spalted Maple w/Lacewood
Cherry 'Tides' Band Saw Box
Maple 'Tsunami' Band Saw Box
Last Update: January 4, 2005

Ambrosia Maple Band Saw Box
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